Digital Wallet Recovery

We help you recover access to your digital wallet. We work with a multitude of digital wallets and cryptocurrencies, not just bitcoin wallets.

These are some of the scenarios that we may be able to help you with:


Forgotten passwords


Deleted passwords


Hardware failure


Corrupted wallets


Upgrade older and outdated wallets


Your website accepts cryptocurrency payments and there is an issue with your wallet

We will guide you through how to recover your wallet after it has been corrupted, deleted by mistake or lost.

We will have a chat with you before hand and ascertain whether we believe we can help recover your wallet. If we can not recover your wallet we do not charge.

Set-up digital wallet service

Would you like to know more about which wallets there are available to choose from?

Do you want to know how to create and back-up a digital wallet?


Which are the best digital wallets?


We can also help you with the download and set-up process of any wallet you wish to use.


We offer a one to one service by a team member to discuss with you everything you want to know about wallets.

We cover:

Introduction to digital wallets

We discuss with you which wallet options will suit your needs best.

There are paper wallets, hard wallets, mobile wallets, desktop wallets and exchange wallets to choose from.

We do recommend at least one hard wallet if you are looking to buy at least £500 of cryptocurrency. In the future you may find that this £500 becomes a much larger amount and hard wallets are the safest method of storing your Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

Best practice digital wallet guide

We guide you through how to back-up and save your digital wallet, how to best secure your password and recovery keys.

Nodes, master-nodes and staking wallet guides

Would you like to know more about income coins and how to set-up wallets that allow you to have a daily/monthly income from staking your cryptocurrency?

We can help with any wallet set-up you need.

Accepting cryptocurrency payments

Would you like to accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency on your website or blog? We can set up a wallet system that can accept bitcoin or many other cryptocurrency coins for your products or services. We can also set up a bitcoin tip jar on your blog.

Some wallets convert in real time straight out of bitcoin and into the US dollar or Euro for example. You can decide if you want to keep the cryptocurrency or convert into fiat cash directly into your bank account.

General information

Ask us anything you wish about wallets.

How to proceed:

We have 30 minute and 1 hour time slots available.

30 minute appointment:

30 minutes should be sufficient if you are looking to recover one wallet.

You are welcome to extend if you wish.

Advanced wallet service:

1 hour or more may be needed depending on your requirements.

We help set up your digital wallet or multiple wallets. This includes mobile, paper, desktop and hardware wallets.

We can also help you set-up your staking wallets or nodes.

How our paid wallet consultations work

Please contact us and arrange a 30 minute or 1 hour slot and your preferred method of video communication.

Once we start the video chat you will be asked to pay here

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To talk to one of our team about our services please contact us