Forensic Investigation

Forensic Investigation

We work closely with cryptocurrency forensic analysts.

We help clients find, track and trace bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets across different blockchains.

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100% discretion and privacy is assured.

Using Cryptocurrency to hide assets from a spouse is becoming far more common.

We work with international investigators and divorce lawyers to help you find missing bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

If you think that your partner may be hiding assets from you the earlier you contact us the better.

Divorce specialist service

We assume from the fact you are reading this that you are aware of your partner buying, selling or in some way involved in cryptocurrency.

Here are some of the questions a lawyer or investigator will need to ask a client:

1. Is your spouse good with technology and gadgets?

2. Has your spouse at any point mentioned owning cryptocurrency?

3. Has your spouse taken an interest in cryptocurrency at any point?

4. If your spouse has bought cryptocurrency do you know which ones they bought?

5. Did your spouse use a cryptocurrency exchange and do you remember what the name was?

6. Do you now how your spouse stored that cryptocurrency? Which digital wallet or device did they use?

7. Did your spouse use cryptocurrency to buy any products or services?

8. Did your spouse belong to a cryptocurrency group or chat room?

9. Does your spouse use cryptocurrency as part of their business?

10. What electronic devices does your spouse own?

11. Where does your spouse keep important records? Do you have access to these?

Divorce specialist service

Here are some of the places that a lawyer or investigator will use to gather more information:

Bank/credit card statements. This is the most logical place to start as most buyers used an exchange to purchase their initial cryptocurrency and this is where the paper trail begins. We know all the exchanges and so it is usually very easy to spot the first fiat transfer. Once a first transaction is found this will open the door to a much larger picture.
Tax returns. For profits or loses filings.
Legal discovery. Depending where the exchange is legally based it may be possible to force the exchange to cooperate with an investigation and hand over relevant information
Loan agreements. Net worth and estimated worth is often included in a loan agreement for a new credit card, business or mortgage
Public blockchain address. If it is possible to find the public address of a wallet (bank account number) then it is often easy to look at all the historical transactions related to that wallet. This may become more difficult if the spouse has used a dark or privacy coin.
Looking around the office or house. Looking for evidence of documents and hardware digital wallets. Look for paper wallets, a document on the computer or in a paper folder with information about cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges. Emails and internet history are a great place to find information as exchanges email transaction confirmations and initial set-up information.
Computer forensic expert. This is often a last resort if very little information has been found. An expert is able to gain access and go through all your spouses electronic devices. This is often done through the court discovery process. An expert will look for private keys, software wallets, internet history, emails and public addresses on electronic devices.


Before cryptocurrency people hid their wealth in diamonds, gold, art, cash and Swiss bank accounts. Bitcoin and privacy/dark coins simply provide a new, more sophisticated method of hiding extreme amounts of wealth, that set up correctly can be near impossible to trace by governments. Cryptocurrencies are a new asset class and its entire ecosystem is still evolving and hence may present challenges and we are here to help you through these challenges.

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