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General cryptocurrency investing advice

In this video session you can ask us anything about investing in the crypto and blockchain sector. Do you want to know more about this exciting asset class but do not know where to start? We had to the learn the hard way over the last few years what works and what doesn’t, this service is to help you avoid the pitfalls we went through as early investors. Are there questions you want to have answered, but do not want to spend hours on the internet trying to find legitimate answers to your questions and hoping they are correct? Ask us anything you like and get a straight forward informed response.

Chat to the Owners of Buy Bitcoin OTC

This is an informal one to one video chat directly with the owners of BuyBitcoinOTC.

Our other advisors

We have a handful of crypto and blockchain advisors that work with us to help our clients. We have personally known these people and they have become friends. Crypto is a tight knit community and we have invested into crypto projects and coins along side all our advisors in the past. They are all well informed, experienced and have personally made very high consistent returns in this field.

Are there any questions you can’t ask?


This is a risky investment sector and therefore we strongly believe you should be able to ask absolutely anything, including about the dark side of crypto and bitcoin investing. The more informed you are early on, the less mistakes you will make. Expect no sugar coated answers, we will be 100% transparent with our answers and advice.

Our mission is to encourage smart investors to embrace this new asset class and prosper from being early to the game.

Are we accredited financial experts?


There are no truly accredited financial advisors in this space for crypto and blockchain advice. In the future we expect this to change, but for now most crypto investing advice is just that, advice.

We are simply private investors and businessmen that have been in this investment sector for a few years and are passing on our knowledge and first hand experience to others.

The best way to learn about an emerging investment sector that is not yet fully regulated, is to sit down and chat to someone that has survived and prospered in it.

General cryptocurrency investing advice

General business advice

Many clients are interested in starting a business in this sector and want to know what the pitfalls are, if their idea can work and the demand for their product or service is there before wasting valuable time and resources finding out on their own. We also help with creating a workable business plan.

Feedback on their crypto products and services

We have had companies within the crypto world asking for feedback on how to improve their products, services and increase their competitive edge.

How to start investing

We suggest not jumping all in and mortgaging your house to buy bitcoin. We help investors look in detail at all aspects of crypto investing and having an investment plan.

Many clients are often slightly surprised that there are many more options available to them to get exposure to this sector than simply trying to buy a few cryptocurrency coins and tokens.

Investment examples:

  • Coins and tokens like bitcoin and Altcoins. Which coins are the billionaires and hedge funds buying into and why?
  • Crypto and blockchain domain name buying. This is an often over-looked section of crypto investing. Many domain names are currently undervalued as this is still an emerging sector. Each day more and more start-ups are entering this space and need a good domain name, as more domain names are sold the ones remaining go up in value. R.O.I is often insane as an investor can simply buy a domain name for $8 and sit on it until they sell it for $1000 or even $10,000 or more. Our founder, Jonathan Titley owns over 200 crypto domains and he even has an entire website dedicated to this

    Examples of some of Jonathan’s domains he owns are:

    Cryptobritian *com
    Cryptoferraris *com
    Cryptoplugins *com
    Cryptotabacco *com
    Cryptoestateagent *com
    Cryptolambos *com
    Cryptoliquor *com
    Cryptomiddleeast *com
    Startusingcrypto *com
    Cryptonorthamerica *com
    Cryptopenthouses *com
    Bitcoinmotoring *com
    Digitaldollarguide *com
    Dollardigitalwallet *com
    Bitcoinftse *com
    Digitalpurse * co
    Icofundraising *com
    Digitalslv *com
    All bought for $8 each.
  • Blockchain and crypto stocks. There are many companies listed on the US stock exchange that have exposure to blockchain technology and bitcoin mining.

As you can see there is more to investing in just bitcoin.

How to invest in ICO’s

This is one of the most asked questions and for good reason. During the ICO mania of 2017 some early investors who got into a particular coin during their public fund raising stage realised returns of well over 100x their initial investment within only a few months of tying up their money. Many more investors lost almost everything as many ICO’s ended up being scams.

Typical ICO questions are:

  • Where do I find ICO listings?
  • How to evaluate an ICO?
  • How to avoid an ICO scam?
  • What is the documentation requirements for being accepted into an ICO?
How do I create a passive income?

Crypto is fantastic for creating passive income off your crypto investments while you sleep. Investors can use crypto lending platforms and receive a monthly return. Some coins and tokens give holders a monthly income from simply locking up their coins for an agreed upon time frame.

Betting platforms

Some clients like to bet on events and sports etc. We show them which platforms offer this and how to join them.

Portfolio diversification

We help clients diversify their crypto investment portfolio.

Bitcoin future market

Some clients want to know how to trade the price fluctuations of bitcoin.

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Once we have discussed your needs and you are ready to proceed please click the payment button below.